Here's how a convicted felon can get their gun rights back

You may know that a convicted felon is barred by law from possessing a gun in Mississippi.

But did you know that a special court order called a certificate of rehabilitation can allow a convicted felon to carry a gun again under state law?

That's right: If the court that sentenced a convicted felon determines that the convicted felon has turned his life around and is no longer a danger to society, the court can sign a certificate of rehabilitation that makes it legal under Mississippi law for that person to possess a firearm again.

There are still federal restrictions against that person carrying a firearm, but those restrictions on potentially shaky legal ground. Further, Congress intended for the federal right to bear a firearm be restored through a state court certificate of rehabilitation; they just haven't funded the office that processes the certificates at the federal level.

So if someone has lived a good life and been a productive member of society since completing their sentence, they may ask for a certificate of rehabilitation and be cleared under state law to carry a gun again for self-defense, home defense, hunting, etc. In addition, a certificate of rehabilitation may help a person when an expungement is not available under the law. 

If you or someone you know may be eligible for a certificate of rehabilitation, contact us to discuss next steps.

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