Dennis Rodman, DUIs, and probation

The most flamboyant member of the Chicago Bulls basketball dynasty has found more trouble with the law, getting arrested in California over the weekend on suspicion of DUI. Rodman has been in trouble with the law before, being placed on probation in 2016 for a hit-and-run, and having been convicted of DUI in 1999 and in 2004. The hit-and-run appears to have been a misdemeanor, as there were no injuries involved.

In Mississippi, if someone is convicted of DUI three times in five years, they face a fine of $2,000-$5,000 and a prison sentence of 1-5 years. Since Rodman's convictions happened more than five years ago, this DUI would be considered a first offense if he were being prosecuted in Mississippi. However, he would still face the possibility of jail time by having his probation for the hit-and-run revoked. That decision would be up to the judge who put Rodman on probation, and in Mississippi it would not matter if he were convicted of the DUI. The judge could find the arrest enough to revoke the misdemeanor probation.

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